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A site containing iron ore stockpiles

Tracking the Inventory changes at major Ports, Mills and Mines in the world

Iron ore & Coal are the largest traded Dry Bulk commodity in the world. We track the major iron ore and coal producing mines, the important ports used for Iron ore and coal shipments and the iron ore stored at the biggest steel mills. The change in Inventory of Iron ore and coal at ports and mines is useful to Commodity & Equity Traders, Hedge funds, Banks, Downstream companies and Steel producers.

Problem & Solution

Iron ore traditionally had long term contracts with mining companies and steel producers fixing the year long pricing every year But in the last decade the contracts became shorter with iron ore and coal now traded across exchanges with short term contracts. Still the Iron ore pricing doesn’t have transparency as 80% of Iron mined is still being controlled by top 4 mining companies

We aim to bridge these gaps in supply and demand, helping in bring transparency in Iron Ore and Coal pricing. Our algorithms derived using satellite imagery data determine the change in inventory at major locations in the world from mining hubs to major ports We are using advanced computer vision algorithms over low cost medium resolution satellite images to create a cost effective solution to measure and monitor the changes in iron ore inventory.

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We cover all the major Iron ore and coal mines and ports such as in Austrlia, Brazil, China, India contributing to major Iron ore and coal movement across the world

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Data is updated near real time which gives an Edge to our Customers in the Financial and Hedging world

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Datasets include inventory change analysis and can be filtered at Port, Region & Country level

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  • Data with a lag of 3 months weekly updated
  • Data provided from year 2017 to backtest against any events or news
  • Data provided for different ports and mines with 1 port from 1 geography