Hot Metal Production Index (Pig Iron)

Process of steel making inside steel factory

Providing unbiased and near real-time production trends for major Steel mills in the world

At Tathya, we have developed a Hot Metal Production Index (Pig Iron) covering the major steel mills of the world. Primary data sources we are using are satellite images and maritime flow of raw materials to have holistic insights. The data is useful to Commodity Traders, Hedge funds, Mining companies, Banks, Downstream companies and Steel producers.

Problem & Solution

In an era of trade conflicts, countries are diverging to siloed and protectionist economies and data of key economic indicators such as steel production is manoeuvred

  • Production Data comes with a huge lag like a quarter or month
  • Steel Companies declare numbers in a curtailed way
  • Some Steel Comapnies don't declare their production numbers

We aim to remove these gaps in the production data availiability by providing near real-time and unbiased steel production data at a mill or company level. Our algorithms derived using satellite imagery data determine the activity index in a steel mill which is converted into a production index using different stastical models

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We cover all the major steel producing geographies such as China, India, Japan, South Korea and others contributing to more than 80% of Total Hot Metal production

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Data is updated near real-time which gives an Edge to our Customers in the Financial and Hedging world

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Datasets include production trend analysis, unplanned shutdowns and any other anomaly events. The data can be filtered by Region, Country and at Mill level

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  • Data with a lag of 3 months and updated with a frequency such as weekly and monthly
  • Data provided from year 2017 to backtest against any events or news
  • Data provided for different geographies covering atleast 1 steel mill in the region